Food That Must Be Tried : Singapore Edition

Food that must be tried while in Sinapore:

  • Note: Mee means Noodle

Goreng Pisang – fried bananas, really good with ice cream, suggested by my lovely G-big Cynthia

Fish Jook – a rice porridge, suggested by Cynthia

Tried a Chicken and Ginger Congee and a Chicken and mushroom Congee – preferred the ginger version.

Youtiao – a fluffy fried skinny donut stick that is really good with sweet warm soy milk, suggested by Cynthia

Singaporean-Style Mee – suggestion made by Eric, thanks ^^

Steamed Shark Head – suggestion made by Phillip

Century Eggs – suggested by Phillip and Berecca, preserved egg

Bak Kut Teh – a pork bone soup, a strong yes from Cynthia
best singapore food bak kut teh

Wanton Mee – noodles drenched with some light sweet sauce, slices of pork char siew and wanton dumplings filled with pork, with a small bowl of soup on the side
Foods to Eat in Singapore Wanton mee

Fried Carrot Cake – made with eggs, preserved radish (chai poh) and white radish flour cake
best singapore food carrot cake

Buttery Pineapple Tarts – Chinese New Year treat

Prune Lapis – Indonesian Layered Cake, Chinese New Year treat

Love letter – crispy biscuit roll, Chinese New Year Treat

Kueh bangkit – tapioca biscuits, CNY treat

Bak kwa – aka rougan, a pork jerky

Dim Sum – Char siu bao here I come!

Kaya Toast and Soft-boiled Eggs – the one and only traditional Singaporean breakfast
where to eat singapore kaya toast

Crabs – either with a black pepper sauce or a chili sauce
Foods to Eat in Singapore Black Pepper Crab Red House

Laksa– Peranakan dish (shout out to Aunty Lee’s Delights: A Singaporean Mystery), curry laksa is make with vermicelli, coconut milk, beancurd puffs, fish, shrimp, and cockles (clam)
famous singapore food laksa

Curry Fish Head
Foods to Eat in Singapore Ocean Curry Fish Head

Bak Chor Mee – a noodle dish with a variety of meats and fish
famous singapore food bak chor mee

Orh Lua – Oyster Omelette
where to eat singapore orh luak

Hokkien Prawn Mee
famous singapore food hokkien prawn mee

Satay – skewered marinated meat
Foods to Eat in SingaporeSatay

BBQ Sambal Sting Ray (Ikan Bakar) – good because of the sambal paste
Singapore BBQ sambal Stingray

Tau Huay – Chinese dessert made with beancurd tofu with some sugar syrup usually with some gelatine

best singapore local food tau huay

Ice Kacang – a lot like pat bing soo (Korean shaved ice dessert)Foods to Eat in Singapore Ice Kachang

Chwee Kway – a breakfast dish, rice cake with preserved radish and chiliChwee kueh Singapore

Durian – oh my goodness, either a hit or missSingapore best local foods durian

Biryani – this is delicious here in the states, wonder what it will be like in Singapore
Singapore chicken biryani

Nasi Lemak – any time coconut rice dish
Singapore breakfast places - nasi lemak

Mee Siam – vermicelli soaked in a sweet and spicy gravy
Foods to Eat in Singapore Mee Siam

Mee Rebus – a noodle dish with a thick brown, sweet curry gravy (not sour like Mee Siam)
Singapore Mee Rebus

Roti Prata – fried flour-based pancake, I just know this will become one of my favorites
Singapore breakfast places - prata

Fish head/slice Bee Hoon – fish meats in a pork broth
Jin Hua Fish head Bee Hoon

Rojak – mixture of dough fritters, bean sprouts, beancurd puffs, radish, pineapple, cucumber, and roast peanuts with prawn paste
Foods to Eat in Singapore Rojak

Chicken rice – had this for dinner tonight
Foods to Eat in Singapore Chicken Rice

Duck Rice  – getting a bit fancier
Singapore duck rice

Car Kway Teow – flat rice noodles, mixed meats and fish cake
Singapore Char Kway Teow

Curry Puff  – I am all for the puff pastry
Best Curry puffs Singapore

Fish Head Steamboat – this would be nice to try with a group
Singapore Fish Head Steamboat

Popiah – a wheat crepe with a cooked carrot, turnip strips, small prawn, boiled eggs, lettuce, bean sprouts, Chinese sausage
Singapore Popiah

 Nasi Padang – delicious creamy meats

I got most of these from: is also a great food blog to look at – Thanks Andrew for letting me know about it ^^

If you have any suggestions or comments on Singaporean food, let me know in the comments!



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