One: Let Me Count the Ways


Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

I have been traveling around for about a month going to different places in Asia; Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Taiwan (image: Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan).  All of these places have had their own charms spot them but each have individual traits I absolutely adore.

Let me break it down so it’s not too long:

One – Public Transportation
If I was to say that I love public transportation back in the States, most people (besides those in Boston and New York) would probably think I’m joking.
It’s no joke ladies and gentleman. I love riding the trains, metro, and buses in places like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

While all three of them have a version of the mass transit rail system, Hong Kong takes the cake.


On the MTR in Hong Kong

You can go anywhere in Hong Kong by the MTR, even Disneyland Hong Kong has its own line. And if you cannot you can take a bus or a boat to the more secluded areas of the island. And guess what?! It’s all cheap! (The buses are even cheaper than the MTR) And clean! Maybe not Singaporean clean but clean for a highly dense metropolitan area.  I paid less than $3 dollars to travel 45 minutes to the airport. 45 country minutes, not city traffic minutes.

Even though it was crowded in Hong Kong, like sardines at times, I never felt that I was in anyone’s way. It was very easy to adapt to. However, I did have to give up the concept of personal space, more on that later.


2 thoughts on “One: Let Me Count the Ways

  1. Awesome photos! I’m from Australia and I’m in pretty much the same boat, really admire the public transport network in Singapore, makes life a hell of a lot easier, and cheaper!


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