Singaporean Minute: Food Prices

Being an expat from the United States, food has been one of the treasures that Singapore has to offer.  If you go to a hawker center of canteen, SGD$4 can get you a full meal that is filling and delicious.  That’s USD$3.20!  I think in the states you can get one thing a la carte side from Panda Express or half a Subway sandwich for the same price.  It’s amazing!  And fresh fruit juice here is SGD$1-$2!  Take that Jamba Juice!

There is a downside to Singaporean food’s prices.  Because many expats think they are getting more bang for their buck, they are more willing to eat out more often or buy more food, which means that they are actually spending more on food than they normally would.  It’s hard to resist tasty food, but be careful, it adds up quickly.


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