The Sun Burns


Not a joke in Singapore.

Though I put on sunscreen on when I got to the beach today, I should have done it before I even left the house.  Today, I thought I was being smart by wearing sleeves.  Oh, I thought I was so safe. Ha. HA!

2015-01-17_2243To add to my already burned shoulders and odd neck line I received while wearing my sports bra at the gym a few days ago, I now have a forearm to fingertip burn and an adductor longus to toes burn.  Lovely.

If you do come to Singapore, make sure you bring sunscreen and that you use your sunscreen religiously.  And if you want to believe that you won’t burn but tan, then bring aloe.  Skin care products are on the pricey side here in Singapore (US$7 vs. SG$20).

And if for a second you think that the sun could not possibly get to you while under the shade of a palm tree and covered with sand and sleeves – you’re going to need some aloe for that burn.


On the upside of all of this, I did have a fun time at Sentosa, a popular resort island that has more upscale eateries, a casino, Universal Studios, performances, and many attractions like beaching, going to the aquarium, luge-ing, and making waves at the water park.  I had a great time learning how to drift on the luge course and dipping my feet in Singapore’s ocean water for the first time.  My friends and I also went to Bugis where we got some clothing, earrings, fruit juices, and Kaya Balls (kaya is a fruit curd that is simply delish!).  We then checked out Arab Street – I want to have free access to all that beautiful fabric.  While there, we stopped by Aliwal Urban Art Festival, part of Singapore’s Art Week.  We found out about an independent movie theatre that is just about to open and watched some B-boys compete.

20150117_094011_edit 20150116_22022120150117_182647


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