My Dutch Baby

I sent my sister an SMS message saying “I made a Deutsch Baby!” with a picture of my mother, grandmother, and I sitting at the table with my baked good as the center piece.  No more than fifteen seconds later, I get a call from said sister.  I pick up the phone and she says “You made what?!”

No, I am not pregnant with a German man’s child.  But I did make a delicious breakfast/tea/dessert dish that is as easy to make as a real child (joke from Chef John, my sister also thought it was amusing).

20141221_141535A Dutch Baby, or a German pancake, is easily made with flour, eggs, salt, milk, butter, and some vanilla.  I used fake butter and liquid eggs because my mother has high cholesterol and I wanted to make it mommy-friendly.  I topped mine with fresh lemon juice and powdered sugar, but you could also use other fruits or cinnamon.

I used a 9″ Teflon, that way I could stick it in my oven.  Before you take it out of the oven, you may want to take a picture of it, that is when it is the most poofy – it deflates a bit after you take it out.  I would also suggest using a brush, if you have one, to evenly apply the lemon juice, otherwise the juice sits in the lowest parts of the pancake if you sprinkle/pour it over.  It still works if you don’t (I didn’t have a brush) but I think the presentation would be better.

This dish is a nice combination of crispy and custardy.  My parents, grandmother, and I really enjoyed it; it felt like being in Europe without having to pay for the plane ticket.

I found out about the Dutch Baby by watching this YouTube video.

20141221_142150Ingredients for 4 portions:
3 large room temperature eggs
2/3 cup room temperature milk
packed 1/2 cup flour (really pack the measuring cup firmly with flour)
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt
3 tbsp clarified butter (or ghee)

– Bake at 425 F. 20-25 min
* garnish with melted butter, fresh lemon juice, and powdered sugar.


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