Friends Like This Are Hard to Find

As time with my university friends is drawing to a close, we decided to have one last hurrah a a family style Chinese restaurant.  We ordered plenty of noodle and beef dishes, but when everyone was done eating, only the bok choy platter remained.  Then we got our after-meal watermelon and fortune cookies.  Mine read “Loyal, true and kind, remember good friends like this are hard to fine.”  I looked up from reading my fortune cookie and glance around the table.  I am so fortunate to have friends like those who came to dinner.  I must remember to treasure the moments we have together and keep in contact with them no matter the distance.


On a side note, one of my friends got me a book, “Singapore & Penang Street Food: Cooking and Travelling in Singapore and Malaysia” by Tom Vandenberghe. I’ve only had the chance to skim through it and read the opening pages, but the pictures look toothsome and the recipes look re-creatable (everything is in grams though, got to get out my scale).


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